Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spit Take!

In our house, with our three sons, we deal with quite a few conversations about private parts, especially about the appropriate terms to use when speaking of such areas. I try to answer the kids' questions as honestly and appropriately as possible, with as vague and undetailed answers as I can possibly get away with.

Today while riding in the car, all was quiet until Pot Pie asked a question.

Pot Pie: "Mom, what is another name for private parts?"

Me: "Just, in general? Besides just calling them private parts?"

Pot Pie : Nodding yes.

Me: "Hmm...well, genitalia is another name."

Pot Pie: "Genitalia? What language is that?"

Me: "Its the medical term. If your doctor is charting about your body parts, he or she may call your private parts genitalia."

Pot Pie: "Does everyone know this word?"

Me: "Yes. Its a common term."

Pot Pie: "Even the French? Do they know this term?"

Cutie Pie: "Yes, of course they do. It even sounds like a French word!"

Pot Pie: "Well, my genitalia is HUUUUUGE!"

And that, folks, is what caused me to spit my drink all over the steering wheel.

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