Monday, December 06, 2010

If I Had a Dollar for Every Piece of Chicken...

Tonight at dinner, Pot Pie proudly told us about learning about half dollars at school today.

Pot Pie: Did you know that half dollaws awe fifty cents? (Yup, still speaks with a Jersey accent.)

Me: Yes, I did know that. If you have 2 half dollars, how much do you have?

Pot Pie: Hmm...fifty one cents?

Me: No.....

Pot Pie: Hmmm...sixty cents?

Me: No...If you have two half dollars, that are each worth 50 cents, then in total, you have one dollar, because two half dollars make one whole dollar.

Pot Pie: *Blank Stare*

Me: Look here, at my piece of chicken. Right now, I have one piece of chicken, but if I cut it in half, I have two halves of chicken. If I put it back together, I have....

Pot Pie: A dollaw?

No, son, I haven't found a way to make chicken turn into money.

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