Saturday, January 17, 2009

Man Whisperer

For Christmas, my MIL gave me a calendar with daily "training tips women can use on their man".
Some of the tidbits of wisdom include the following:

"The Man Whisperer knows that her man's place is around her pinkie."  I'd rather spoon.

"Nothing frightens men like a freeze queen. Sit or stand straight and tall, inhale slowly and deliberately, and then slowly exhale, widen your eyes and picture the inside of your body as the Arctic Ice Shelf. Instead of a warm nurturing embrace, give him cold hard steel."  Why would I want to frighten my husband?  Any of these games just delays getting to the fun stuff.

"All men are babies. Your job is to find the best baby in the bunch."  I know what babies are like.  I've had 3 of them.  My Sweetie Pie is far from being a baby.

"What the Man Whisperer tells herself every day: "He doesn't know how lucky he is."  Oh, yes he does.  He knows.  He tells me quite often.

"Assume the Attitude: Expect compliance."  Compliance?  No.  Contributing?  Yes.

"A man is scared to death of a woman who looks as if she might have a couple of thoughts."  My husband thinks its hot that I'm smart.

"Thought for the day. One word: Concealer".  Yeah, because obviously if he sees you with a zit he's going to hit the floor running.

"Deep down your man is wondering whether he's good enough. Your job is to keep him wondering."  I'd rather let him know I appreciate everything he does.

Dopey ideas like these are the reason I don't read Cosmo. Don't get me started on what I think of women who assume men are stupid and that these ridiculous tricks work. Why my MIL thinks I need to "train" her son to do anything is baffling to me. In my opinion, he's not in need of any training at all. He's intelligent, hard working, respectful, handsome, an amazing father....I could go on and on.

However, I must confess. I haven't treated my wonderful husband the way he deserves to be treated...that is, until about 2 weeks ago. I happened upon a blog written by MckMama (If you don't know who she is, you should find out right now!).  Upon reading this entry on marriage, my eyes were opened.  I saw him in an entirely new light.  Before, I based so much of my own happiness on what he did to make me feel special, getting down and feeling disappointed when he wasn't completely falling over himself in awe of me.  After reading MckMama's wise words, I made the change to just be happy on my own and to treat him with love and kindness, like Jesus would want me to treat him.  Well, once I started this, I noticed a definite change in the way he was treating me.  Once I started showering him with love and affection, as well as going out of my way to do nice things for him with no strings attached, he started doing the same thing!!!  These changes we made resulted in what we have now labeled "The Week of Pleasure".  
Now, we've never had a problem in the boudoir department.  As a couple of individuals who married without ever having been with anyone else in our entire lives, there is an amazing bond between the two of us.   We haven't had much time pass without some sort of physical contact between the two of us.  However, since my eyes were opened by MckMama's blog, our times together haven't just been more frequent; they've been amazingly better in every way.

Here's hoping it turns into "The Month of Pleasure".  

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