Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can feel it. I know when its coming. Every little thing irritated the crap out of me at work today, except for an email from an old friend that made me cry and go read Jack's Preemie Blog, which also made me cry...when I got home from work, I yelled at my kids the moment I walked in the door for reasons I can't even recall now, then invited them to help me cook dinner, which I let them take over, staying as patient as a saint, even though they made a mess and fought the whole time. When we sat down to eat, Luke teased Jackson, and because of the re-reading of his blog today, I was feeling very protective of Jack, so I probably went a little overboard in reprimanding Luke about it (though I do want the kids to know that I will not tolerate anyone making fun of anybody else...), and then that made me cry as well.


I'm PMS'ing.

I hate this feeling(s)! As I stated in a previous rant, I have a fantastic husband. Yet, when he drifts off to sleep because he's absolutely exhausted from a very hard day at work, I take it as an insult that he isn't all smoochy-smoochy and lovey-dovey while spouting off sonnets or some crap. I know he loves me, but at this time of the month, irrationality kicks in. I am glad that he puts up with my senseless crying and sporadic rages (okay, so maybe its not that bad, but it feels like it!!!). If our positions were reversed and I was the one having to put up with his BS every month, I probably wouldn't be so sensitive and understanding.

If I weren't so tired, I'd cry.


Kelly said...

Been there.......more times than I care to relive!

Unknown said...

i have days like this too often...stopping by from blogoklahoma to say hi