Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An Unexpected Answered Prayer

Have I mentioned that I'm busy? This week that is more true than usual...

For over three years now, our hospital has been preparing for the day that our surgery department would start using an automated charting system that, when the nurse charted procedure and anesthesia times and simply entered the catalog number of an implant or supply, would automatically charge the patient for the times and supplies and alert materials management that the item needed to be restocked. Sounds efficient, right? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not going to list the reasons that this new system isn't working here...I'll just say that I contemplated joining the circus today...

Anyway, I've been working later than usual, and the kids have had new activities, including tonight, so Clint and Luke rushed off in one direction, and Beau and I rushed off in another. I haven't had the chance to go to the grocery store this week, so as we were leaving gymnastics I ordered Chinese delivery. We met back at home, just as our dinner arrived. After the kids went to bed, I ran to Target to pick up some gifts for a wedding shower, and then to Walmart for groceries. Everything was going fine, until I started checking out and heard the thunder. I looked out the door and saw the buckets of rain...Greaaaaaat. Just what I needed. I pushed my basket outside and stood under the awning for a moment, hoping the rain would stop. A young man, probably early to mid 20's, walked towards me. I didn't really pay much attention to him, except for the fact that he had an extra large umbrella. In my head, I said, "I sure wish I had purchased one of those when I was inside..."
At that moment, the man looked at me and my basket overflowing with groceries...he said to me, "Where are you parked?" I told him, and he said, "Well, let me walk you out there." And he covered me with his umbrella and walked me all the way out to my van, standing there while I unlocked my van and started to load it up. I thanked him profusely, and he smiled and said "Don't worry about it. This rain is so inconvenient." And with that, he walked away. I got into my van, barely wet from the rain, and with such a warm feeling inside of me...I wish I had told him what a blessing he was...that he was an answer to my prayers...but in the cold hard rain we were both just rushing to get to a dry place. I am going to make a point to pay it forward sometime this week. I don't know when I'll get the chance, but I'll be looking for the opportunity.

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