Sunday, November 09, 2008

Cutest Baby Item Ever

As I Twittered a few days ago, I'm in the middle of Christmas shopping. Seeing my kids drooling over the Toys R Us catalog is delightful! HAHA But this year, not only do I have my boys to shop for, I have a new niece! And I do believe that I found the cutest baby item ever! They are called Skid Pants and they are like little baby leg warmers that keep their legs and knees from getting hurt while they are crawling. Here's the set I purchased for Baby Dallie!

They are made by a company called Dittany Baby and its right here in Tulsa! I found the company in an article in Tulsa Kids about Tulsa-based businesses. Run right out and get your little one some!

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TuTu's Bliss said...

What a unique gift..I have vowed to buy all handmade this year. If you like that suff you should shop Etsy..there are some Tulsa artisans there