Monday, November 24, 2008

Convo with the Hubs

Yesterday, we had a full day, though we hadn't planned for it to be that way. I slept in because I was a little tired from working at Habitat for Humanity during the day Saturday followed by a late night with some good friends, so my husband made me a yummy brunch. After a day of shopping together as a family, we got home with our groceries and a couple items we've been wanting for the kitchen. We made dinner and then relaxed as a family. After the kids went to bed, Clint started folding laundry while I cleaned our room and rearranged the furniture (AGAIN). By the time we got in bed, it was well past 11pm. As Clint was drifting off to sleep, the following conversation ensued...(Conversation may be edited to preserve my husband's image as a caring supporter and protector of our family)

Clint: *snore*
Misti: What's the heat set on?
Clint: *yawn* I don't know...
Misti: Do you think its a little warm in here?
Clint: Yes...its nice.
Misti: Maybe you should get up and check...I don't want the kids to burn up and sweat and then get cold and freeze....
Clint: Kiss my butt. You get up and look. (starts to snore again)
Misti: Hey! (slaps him on the arm) Did you lock the van earlier?
Clint: Huh? What? I don't remember...
Misti: Are you serious? My purse is out there!
Clint: So... (Beginning to snore again...)
Misti: Clint! You need to go out and make sure the van is locked!
Clint: What? Oh come on! Where's the clicker?
Misti: (sheepishly) In the van....
Clint: You've got to be kidding me. You go check it.
Misti: NO! I'm not dressed. You are...go out there and check it.
Clint: *furiously throwing back the covers* This is ridiculous.
Misti: Can you check the heat while you're up?
Clint: Kiss my butt!
Misti: (After Clint gets back into bed) Was it locked?
Clint: Yes it was. Not only did I get out of bed for no reason because the van is locked, but its now raining outside.
Misti: (again...sheepishly) I'm sorry...I love you...
Clint: Kiss my butt!

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Amber said...

Hahaha. This is such a familiar conversation.