Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Birds and Bees (Preschool Version)

Yesterday, my little sister gave birth to her daughter, Dallie Marie. Our family of five made the three hour trek to see her for the first time, and the time in the car allowed for an interesting question and answer period.

Luke: Did Aunt Kalee get married?

Me: No...(dreading the next question)

Luke: Then how did she get pregnant?

Me: Uhhh...(thinking fast) Well...hmm...(look at Clint, who just smiles and shakes his head, then I give up) She just did, sweetie...(Praying he'll drop it and ask me anything else!!!)

Luke: What is her name?

Me: (Thank you, God!) Her name is Dallie.

Beau: I've never heard that name before.

Luke: When is her birthday?

Me: Today!

Luke: Today? Why is today her birthday?

Me: Because this is the day she was birthed.

Luke: Birthed? (Sounds like Burfed)

Beau: Barfed?

Me: Yes, Aunt Kalee gave birth to her today.

Beau: Aunt Kalee barfed her?!?!? GROSS!!!

Jackson: Ew, YUCK!

Nevertheless, it was a fun trip, and here are some pics of my new niece. The first one is of my future sister-in-law, Andrea, holding the baby. The second one is of Luke looking at the baby as Kalee's future mother-in-law holds the baby, with my little sister Diamond next to her. The last picture is of Dallie. She looks just like our cousin Chelsea, who is the daughter of Aunt Billie Jean and everyone always says Kalee looks like she could be Aunt BJ's daughter!

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