Monday, September 01, 2008

The Gathering Olympics

Today was our church Labor Day Picnic. The kids had a great time, playing and eating.

After eating, the Gathering Olympics commenced with the first event, the 3 Legged Race, or for Amber and Candice...the bronze winning 3 Legged Fall...followed by Amber waving the TRIBE flag.

Here's our fearless TRIBE leader, Josh, with his ultimately fourth place hula hoop performance, ending up just shy of the bronze medal performance of 3 seconds.

Here's Suz with her game face as our TRIBE cheerleader, sporting the official TRIBE flag, crafted by yours truly.

Here's fellow TRIBER, Tim, with his silver medal winning performance and subsequent ceremonial flag waving in the Croquet event.

Here are the small group leaders, sporting the medals worn by their respective small groups: Jessica from Pursuit, Krista from 29:1, Josh from TRIBE, and Brad from Kaleo.

Here's all the TRIBERS who attended the Labor Day picnic.

After the picnic, we came home and collectively took a big family nap. It was a great day!!!

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