Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Result of Sunday Evening Boredom

When I don't have anything else to do (well, when I don't want to do anything) I like to catch up on the news of the day. What better place to do just that than on Yahoo!. As the page came up, the featured headline at the top caught my eye.

Always intrigued by relationship advice, I figured I'd check it out.

According to this article, to increase your chances of retaining an everlasting marriage, follow these guidelines.
1. Get married after about two years of courtship. Oops...two years? Wow...How about 6 months...what's the difference?
2. Rethink living together. You should at least know how to cook a few meals before you move in together...Clint and I were witnessed eating a dinner of powdered mashed potatoes one night...I am embarrassed to even say that.
Sometimes I regret moving in with Clint before we got married, you know, for obvious reasons like keeping the mystery alive and all of that. But then again, I think in some aspects its best to live together and learn each other's faults, so you can get used to my husband's infamous snoring. I knew about it before we got married, and I was able to look past it and still be happily married to him, even though I'm a bit sleep deprived if he falls asleep before I do.
3. Wait until you are a little older to marry. Like, 19? That's okay, right? It sure makes 26 feel old.
4. Talk about the big issues before you get married. See, there's a fine line here...what I consider a big issue isn't a big issue to him at all...
5. You can argue, just don't let it turn into World War III. Oh, yes, we can argue.
6. Do stuff together. Like, argue?
7. Share the chores. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA *snort*
8. Be as polite to each other as you are to strangers. I'm not really that polite to strangers...I'm usually too rushed/preoccupied/oblivious to fake manners.
9. Have issues? Get help! Been there. Done that.
10. Marry someone who wants to be married. Well, that's a sure much as we do fuss at each other, it always ends with one of us making the other laugh...and that's what I love about our relationship most of all. We're just a couple of goofballs.

After reading that unhelpful bit of information, I decided to go search out some medium length curly hairstyles.

I go for the celebrity hairstyles, because surely there will be some good ideas...

Not bad, though not exactly what I'm looking for...

What the...?!?!?!?

Do I have to wear the bronzer as well, because honestly, orange isn't my color...

Are you kidding me?!?!?


Can I have her hair AND her chest? Seriously...take the picture from the neck up to my salon and from the neck down to the closest plastic surgeon.

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Kelly said...

I think you could definitely have her hair... You just need bangs and some layering! ;)