Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh, Me of Little Faith

Last night, Luke handed me his homework file with a list of words...I couldn't believe it!

A spelling test? Already?

As a child who is still having a lot of difficulty sitting still and concentrating long enough to even attempt to sound out words, I was a little more than concerned that he was going to have a very difficult time with this. I mentally figured in my head how much time we could devote to this the rest of the week to prepare him for his test on Friday.

TEST? How can they already have a test scheduled for the first full week of school?!?!?!

His list of words was accompanied by a worksheet with various activities: put the words in alphabetical order, a section with different sized boxes to match the words with what shape they make and whether they have a letter that is tall among the others or falls lower than the others, and writing the words five times each. He completed those tasks, and then I made him some flash cards with the reading method I learned from "Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons":

After we read through the words a few times, I gave Luke a practice spelling test. I read the words to him, and he wrote on his page. As I read the words, I would barely get a chance to repeat it and he would be prompting me for the next word. I was concerned, thinking "He must not understand what he's supposed to be doing..."

But when we finished, I looked at his paper and not only did he understand, he wrote all the words correctly! I was so happy!!! And then I was filled with anger at myself for even doubting him for a minute! I know he is smart, but I just worry sometimes that he doesn't listen very well...Now hopefully I can be a little more reassured that he's doing just fine...I know he has great teachers. I just need to QUIT WORRYING! *points finger at self*

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Kelly said...

Quit Worrying?...yeah right..maybe when we are dead. My biggest hope for heaven other than being with my Prince of Peace is that it is a worry-free zone! ;)