Friday, April 07, 2006

Week of the Young Child

This week has been so much fun! Yesterday was Literacy Day, so I went and read four of Luke's favorite books to his class. His classmates really liked my different voices! Then I went to watch Beau's class in the Jupiter Jump. I had planned to read to his class, but his teacher was sick and my reading didn't fit into the other teacher's plan. Luke's class was in the Jupiter Jump right after Beau's. They both had a blast! Luke was so happy that I was there...he proudly announced to everyone in the hallway "My mommy read to my class!"
Today was their school parade. They marched in the outdoor mall next to the Health Plaza. It was so adorable! A sea of white t-shirts and blue jeans. Everyone was supposed to wear funny hats. I had party hats leftover from Beau's birthday party that I split between the boys' classes. Everyone in Luke's class was wearing them, but Beau's class wasn't too fond of the idea. Beau walked hand in hand with his friend Bailey the whole time. It was so cute!!! My boys were so big! They spotted me, gave me a hug, and ran right back and got in line. Some of the other children were having a hard time with the fact that they couldn't go with their mommies and daddies. Luke did say "I missed you, Mommy!" I promised him I'd be there to pick him up soon. He seemed okay with that response, but it still breaks my heart! He's so sweet and genuine! I wish they all three would just stay the same!

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