Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Super Nanny and Things That Go Squirt

I watched "Super Nanny" for the first time last night. Man, I thought MY kids were monsters! They may embarass me in public, but they don't act like the kids on the show. For awhile now, I thought that the Super Nanny was just some crackpot with an English accent, but she really did have some good ideas.

The other night, the kids were being very quiet. Too quiet...I went to see what they were doing and found Beau in my purse, pouring foundation all over the rocking chair. While I was cleaning that up, he got into the kitchen cabinet and started squirting Windex all over his picnic table. Once I got that cleaned up, I found him in the bathroom squeezing half a tube of toothpaste onto the counter! This was all within a 10 minute period!!!

This week celebrates "The Week of the Young Child" in Tulsa, and the school has quite a few events planned. Today, I received cute little boy-shaped pens that have pictures inside that the kids painted. They'll also have a Jupiter Jump and a parade. On Thursday I'm going to go read to each of their classes. For Luke's class, we were given a sheet of paper to fill out that said "My Child is Incredible Because...". Our reasons were:
He's a comedian!
He loves to sing!
He has a gentle, caring heart!
He's polite!
He watches over his brothers!
He makes great sound effects!
He's a wonderful storyteller!

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