Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A New Chapter in our Boys-Only Family Story

With a housefull of boys, you think we'd be old pros at team sports, but we've always let the boys take the lead on what they wanted to do. Pot Pie is our gymnast, and is more than content to stick with his chosen sport, especially since he will start competing this year and is looking forward to winning "medals and twophies". Pumpkin Pie is still figuring out what he likes, and will not be choosing any sport at the moment, though more than likely, due to his increased risk of retinal detachment and his not great vision, he will not be playing any contact sports. We may try soccer in the future.

This week marks a change coming to our household. Cutie Pie came to both of us and let us know that he would like to play tackle football. We were both surprised...and more than a little excited!!! I can't wait to see him play, though I must say I'm a little afraid of what we are getting into, since we have NO CLUE what we have signed up for. team mom...offense?...defense?...special teams?... I thought about picking up a "Football for Dummies" book so I can actually appear to know what is going on in the fall. But first, we hit a huge tent sale to get ready for the season, picking up cleats, football pants, practice jerseys, mouthguards, etc, because speed and agility camp starts next week. Here's to another new adventure!


OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Those 3 boys are so darn cute! A busy household you will continue to have for a few years ~ enjoy! My hubby is the oldest of 4 boys (all really close in age) so his mom had her hands full for quite a few years! We have a daughter and a son ~ and just had our first grandbaby a month ago~A little girl named Soleil. . . we are blessed!! Happy Thursday!

Kalee said...

thats awesome, sis!