Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama Speech

Today at the boys' school, the teachers were given the option to show the President's speech in class. Since it was aired at 11am Central time, it seemed to me to be inconvenient because some students were already at lunch. I didn't speak with Pot Pie and Pumpkin Pie's teachers about the speech. For Pre-K and Kindergarten students, the speech seemed to be a little long and lost on kids who aren't entirely sure what a term paper or a science project is.
I did inquire into whether or not Cutie Pie's teachers would decide to show the speech in class. Unfortunately, they didn't have the proper equipment with the right connections in order to show the speech in class. If they had, I would have gladly come to his school to watch the speech with him, so that he and I could discuss it. From what I read in the speech once it was finally released, there was nothing that we don't already try to enforce every day. We are always telling the kids that they need to work hard, stay in school, be good leaders, and set goals for the future. Obama's message about personal responsibility (something that I feel he should be encouraging to everyone, not just our kids) is the same point we try to get across to them at all times. Therefore, Sweetie Pie and I decided that we would show the speech tonight to Cutie Pie. We both had read the text of the speech, and saw no reason not to share it with him.

After he watched it, we both asked him questions about what the President had to say.

Us: "So, what was the President telling you?"

Cutie Pie: "Uhhh...to be nice?"

Close, but not quite.

Us: "What else?"

Cutie Pie: "To work hard! And.....get good grades!"

Us: "Right. What else?"

Pot Pie: "To get POOP grades! BWAHAHAHAHA"

Us: "(Sarcastic) Hilarious. What else? And Pot Pie, don't say Poop again!"

Cutie Pie: "To be good leaders and set a good example. And to go to college."

Us: "Excellent. Who does the President say we will help if we work hard and succeed?"

Cutie Pie: "Uhhh...Jesus!"

Because, when in doubt, Jesus!!!

Us: "Well...how about our country?"

Cutie Pie: "Riiiiight....our country. America!"

Us: "Right!"

Cutie Pie: "Can I have something to eat?"

Because that's how all of our conversations end...

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