Monday, December 22, 2008

Husband Rant

For the most part, I scored pretty good in the husband department. He's supportive, caring, loving, helps with the kids, works hard to support our family, has a cute butt :), and he does his fair share around the house...most of the time. Today was not quite one of those times. The kids are out of school for Christmas Break, and because of circumstances beyond my control at work, I am unable to take off or even work half a day from home like I had planned. As a result, I had to drop Luke and Beau off at his office for a few hours of watching He-Man on so he could get a little work done before coming home. In his defense, he did pick up Jackson and take him and the other two to get Jack's glasses fixed. However, once they arrived home, little else was accomplished except almost defeating the Riddler on Lego Batman for Wii.
It would have been nice to come home and have some laundry done to fold or dishes washed and put away. I let him know, once or twice, that I was not pleased at the lack of tasks he got completed today, which he responded to with indifference and eye-rolling. However, I wasn't really that bothered about it. I had a nice time, winding down after a long day at work, while I cooked dinner with Jackson. After dinner, Clint, Jack and I unloaded the dishwasher. As Clint was putting away the utensils, he took the meat tenderizer and proceed to hit my butt with it. And then he said, "I thought you needed some tenderizing, because..."

Wait for it...

"You've been such a hard ass."

Yup, that's right folks...Its a regular vat of hilarity around here.

Its alright, though. I wouldn't trade him for anything. Even if his stupid jokes and the fact that I even have to ask him to do the sink load of dishes he keeps walking by irritate the heck out of me.


Anonymous said...

For your info we did beat the Riddler!! I was also on vacation today and did just that vacated and had fun with the boys! Another point we did watch Horton Hears a Who and didn't just play the Wii!!

Kelly said...

UHHH CLIFF....Lest ye forget the WOMAN IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!!!! So give it up!