Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer Time, Havin' a Blast!

We are loving this summer! The kids have a brand new swingset, and everyday they want to swing! Luke is counting down the days until he gets to start at his "big boy school".
We have been doing some remodeling in the house. Clint's brother, Steven, and his wife, Kelly, came over a few Saturdays ago and helped us paint our living room. It looks great! We took up all the carpet and are getting ready to refinish our wooden floors. And this weekend we purchased new window treatments for the living room and our bedroom. I'm having a blast. I may be not be very creative when its come to home decorating, but I'll get it the way I want it some day.
I've definitely been enjoying the summer off from school. Its given me a lot of time to get things situated here at the house. I am anxious to get back to school, though...just three semesters left!

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Kelly said...

Was wondering when you were going to update! That is a great pic of the boys!