Friday, March 24, 2006

Parent Teacher Conferences

One of the things I love about our children's preschool is how easy it is to stay connected with their teachers. Whether it be chatting with them every day when I pick up the children or the twice a year conferences that we schedule, its nice to have the reassurance from another adult (besides my husband) that we are doing a pretty good job at raising our children. On Wednesday it was time for our conference with our oldest son's teacher. She told me right off the bat that he has a very active imagination, which causes him to sometimes disrupt the class while playing air guitar and singing Aerosmith. She said she couldn't help but laugh, even though it took away from story time. She said that he is very smart, and has completed almost all of the requirements that are set for his age group. They recently got a computer in his class, and he is one of just a few that is able to use it properly, which indicates that he is exposed to the computer at home. She also said that he is very compassionate and is always concerned with the welfare of the other children, and his teacher as well. Every day when she leaves he says, "Be careful, Miss Vonda!" I informed her that he would not stay through the rest of the year, because he will be starting the 4 year old program at the elementary school in our neighborhood in August. She stated that he was more than ready to start public school and that she thought he would thrive, which eases my fears a little, because I am apprehensive about his starting at such a big school. I plan to take a tour within the next few weeks and get my questions answered.

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